About JD Lewis Center

JD lewis

John D Lewis

The J.D Lewis Multipurpose Center was established in 2004 in efforts to bring the community together through enriching programs, activities and life experiences. Our programs and events are designed to create a positive leisure, cultural, and educational experience that enhances the quality of life for those in surrounding areas. We also create and sustain community traditions through special community events, outreach activities, and facility rentals. The J.D. Lewis staff, instructors, board members, and volunteers are all outstanding in their professionalism, enthusiasm, talent, and dedication to community service.

John “JD” Lewis

Trailblazing broadcaster, effective community activist, mentor and role model for countless youth, matchless leader of the Garner Road YMCA, and the first African American host of a local television program, WRAL’s unforgettable “Teenage Frolics”

For facility availability please contact the office at 919-232-3642 or email inquiries@jd-lewis-center.com