Building a Stronger Raleigh Together Campaign

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Raleigh is awesome. In fact, Forbes recently crowned the city as the #1 place in America for businesses and careers. But even in a thriving city like Raleigh, there are still individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. No one knows more about combating these struggles thanPassage Home, the JD Lewis Center and its nonprofit arm, The B.A.G.S Foundation. That’s why these Southeast Raleigh-based organizations along with our VIP Community Ambassadors (listed below) have united to start Building A Stronger Raleigh Together by working to break the cycle of poverty in our community. And they need your help!

  1. Mayor Nancy McFarlane
  2. Congressman Bob Etheridge
  3. Nation Hahn of Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation
  4. Danny Rosin of Band Together
  5. Greg & Samantha Hatem of Empire Eats
  6. Chris Corchiani, former NBA and NC State player
  7. Tim and Karis Tompkins

Building a Stronger Raleigh Together is a movement spanning five months and three events with a focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and a fundraising goal of $250,000. The funds will allow Passage Home, the JD Lewis Center and its nonprofit arm, The B.A.G.S Foundation to increase their combined impact by 775 homeless and low-income families and individuals to a total of 3,125. A portion of the proceeds will go towards expanding the JD Lewis Center’s facility, which will have the capacity to serve 1,000 families in Southeast Raleigh.

TJ Warren and David West help build a Stronger Raleigh Together!

Charity All Star Game at Broughton High School August 1, 2015

David West and TJ Warren take break from NBA to give back to Raleigh NC



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